Kevin Smith: A Then-and-Now

Yours truly, censored by my own wall of hair, meeting Kevin Smith, September 2007

What a way to do my intro entry in my shiny new blog: UNABASHED CELEB NAME-DROPPING MUH-FUCKA, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!?

Today marked the period last year when I met my hero, writer/producer/director/passive comic writer/stand-up comedian (to some degree)/author (to some degree)/published blogger, KEVIN SMITH. I celebrated the 1-year by seeing him again this morning at a taping of The Hour, hosted by Canadian entertainment icon, George Stromboulopoulos…

Kevin Smith on The Hour, September 2008

Last year, by way of book-signing, Kevin was here to promote his published blog, My Boring-Ass Life, and at the time, “I says to him”:

    K: Y’know how some people have Batman as a hero? *fangrrrrl*
    KEVIN: Yeah?
    K: Well, you’re my Batman.
    KEVIN: Aw, jeez *embarrassed and dismissive “Does it look like I’m in any shape to be ‘your Batman’?” look*
    K: Here, I brought you a box of Timbits

Okay, you’re mixed up now, you’re trying to decide if I love the dude or I’m trying to kill him. I couldn’t resist though. What lies in the very centre of the cluster of things and people who inspire me is Kevin Smith, I have to give something back to him for inspiring me to further pursue writing, why not a box of simple pleasures. Also, lipo’s always an in-reach option for the Smithster.

(All things considered, I’m sure his assistant advised him against eating the Timbits [“Don’t, she laced them with rat poison.”])

While no one-on-one with fans this time around, he had come back to talk about giving birth (that’s a metaphor– I know his Notorious B.I.G.n.e.s.s. would suggest otherwise) to his upteenth, crass-as-ever brainchild, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Him and George shot the shit about casting, production and the movie’s banned-by-America-but-Canadians-will-desperately-eat-up-anything Canadian promo poster. Aside from plugging the movie to death, Kevin effortlessly did what he usually does best: make us laugh with his unyielding self-deprecation and lewd humour and make us sigh with his not-a-credit-whore modesty. He was sweating like the studio was set in Earth’s core, so much that it became bothersome and worth mentioning to the audience– and he didn’t miss a beat when turning that one into a crack either, it rendered the audience deaf when it came to how gross it actually sounded.

Overall, I think he’s quite an inspiring figure in film, hack or not. A guy who can churn out film after film chock full of vulgar comedy blended nicely with intelligent meditations about complicated relationships and life’s crises, and be successful by his own standards (and mine) and without growing too fat of a head at the end of it all–

–well, there is a lot to love there, and not just in size.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno out in theatres this Hallowe’en, bung!

Your friendly neighbourhood,

special k.


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