We Will Watch Watchmen

The staunchest of Watchmen and Alan Moore fans who are profoundly against the comic masterpiece being converted into a film would not lie and tell you that they’re not going to see it. To bitterly skip over it out of principle would be considered absurd, foolish, and petty and anyone who does would risk facing exile from the comic book community. That said, Zack Snyder is already winning the battle against protesters and naysayers who absolutely did not want it being made.

No need to say anything about pro-Watchmen-film-ers– if they could, they would camp out of theatres right now as if anticipating Lucas’ 7th episode.

But what about the opinions of others who’ve teetered on the fence, wrought with ambivalence? Curious yet dreading, excited yet trembling, hopeful yet cautious…

Slowly, one by one, they migrate to the side of pro-Watchmen-film. They’re gradually being worked on and softened up, first being rolling-pinned over with that trailer that pushed out the pockets of skepticism and then having nail-biting put to a stop with some early reviews by comic book PhDers who’ve eloquently described it as “fucking astounding”. If those haven’t tipped fencers over yet…

**Yesterday, Snyder screened 25 minutes of Watchmen at a Warner Bros. studio lot in West Hollwood**

And here are some things that Collider.com had to say about that…

And here are some things that CHUD.com had to say about that…

And here are some things that IGN had to say about that…

Few these massages are, but at least some tension is relieved.

Unless Snyder made his audience strip down to bare asses and sign soul-trading contracts prior to screening to prevent leakage, every pirate and bootlegger will be scrambling to find this footage online. Hypothetically speaking, if leakage was upon them, the fish will bite, it will be extremely difficult to deny a meaty 25 minutes of comic-film chum if it’s in the pool, just like how everyone was made into a rabid pirana when those crappy-quality 6-minutes of The Dark Knight leaked 8 months prior to its release.

Such a mad scramble would say something about all of us, whether haters, lovers, or undecided. We want to watch Watchmen.

We will watch Watchmen.

Your friendly neighbourhood,

special k.


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