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So it was here that my blog went off the path briefly. For 5 or 6 entries, I was just butchering children’s books and ignoring the pop culture world that I once loved discussing. Because the children’s books thing became more frequent and the subject matter was more focused and consistent, I decided to move everything to its own domain/blog. Here you go:, solely dedicated to ruining your childhood memories.

I will also occasionally be submitting work to this site:

So what’s the future for this blog then? Why, shitty leftovers of course! But for serious, I’m going to go back to poorly-edited diatribes about pop culture on this one… I know, to be so lucky, right?

Or maybe I should totally veer off course and start dumping on you guys about the trivial throes I experience in my personal life because apparently there aren’t enough blogs out there operating on that base…

I’m giving myself a freebie here and breaking all the promises I made to myself for this blog (“don’t use first-person pronouns; don’t talk about personal life; don’t mention how you chase Vicodin with Jack every night to stop being screamy“, etc. etc. etc.)– and breaking them just to have a hammy, sentimental moment here…

Right now, I want to treat this blog as the supportive yet unappreciated mom who parented the ingrate, slob teenager and just left the nest without warning (that’s me). Really, this blog (among other outside influences) had me rediscover verve, strength, and unbreakable confidence/borderline arrogance I once had when I used to blog publicly. For a while, that was all lost when enough personal drama in real life sent me into hiding.

But this blog had me come out and take the plunge. I started experiencing again sheer enjoyment and satisfaction from public blogging and I suddenly didn’t give a flying fuck about being scrutinized, attacked, or binocular-watched by friends, ex-friends, ex-boyfriends, enemies, frenemies, web stalkers, other people’s wives and girlfriends, etc., and they were ultimately the culprits who triggered some virtual agoraphobia. Now I have my own personal-domain blog and I belong to a small group of extremely gifted, extremely talented, fiercely intelligent writers…

And ultimately, I’m sharing my writing with the world again. It’s kind of nice.

Your friendly neighbourhood,

special k.


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