White girl, you need to stop!

Here’s a girl who be white-guilt-trippin’!

The article/review on Avatar by this “self-loathing white person” deeply offends me, as both a “non-white person” and a film-going person. She clearly didn’t enjoy the movie which is absurd; something so visually stunning and something of a massive cinematic achievement, and a film experience I would put on par with what it was like seeing King Kong in the 1930s. Yet douchenozzlette went out of her way to look beyond all of that, and go nitpick about the (maybe) racist sentiments that were (maybe) laced in the script– because I’m sure that James Cameron wanted to carry out his white guilt fantasies through this film. To the author: white guilt is a funny thing, we “non-whites” can’t forgive you for imperialistic white things that you didn’t even do but that your ancestors did so many years ago, nor can we forgive you for present marginalizing white things because in all likelihood, you don’t come from that discriminating group. That said, you need to get a fucking grip because you’re not getting anyone from any side on your side, stop the racist-reaching and just enjoy the giant blue guys already.

Your friendly neighbourhood,

special k.


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